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Ants Pest Control Service

Ants in human residency are considered to be pests. These are well-known in the United Arab Emirates, and there are several kinds of ants, some of the ant species that are difficult to restrain. These insects are tiny in size &, if they spread over, they can cause critical problems in the medical or food industry. Ants eat sugary meals but are also expected to consume oily and greasy food. Pestco provide professional pest control service in Dubai, UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Ants split into food stores. They can also wreck the indoor building or can straight damage the crops. Ants in business places like restaurants or hotels can harm their reputation.

Ants Bite or sting on the skin and it is painful, redness seem on the skin where ants attack.

This misunderstanding is a lot more common than you would think, due mainly to the fact that people without experience of bed bugs often get them confused with dust mites which require powerful magnification to be seen.  Because every home has them and they are the first creature people associate with beds the misunderstanding perpetuates.  The reality is that dust mites are not even insects and are incapable of biting people.  The skin reaction actually comes from a localised allergic reaction to their droppings deposited after they have fed on our shed skin cells.