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Cockroach Pest Control Service

Cockroaches crawling around always leave the impression of an unhygienic place. If your business or house is infested with this pest, you’re probably at high risk of diseases like food poisoning, dysentery, salmonella, asthma and eczema. What’s even worse, you run the risk of being abandoned by your customers.  Cockroaches can breed quickly, so they have to be controlled early, the moment you spot them or sense their scent. Cockroaches can cause unusual odour, which is unpleasant. So you might keep checking the cupboard and other areas in the room and kitchen or store room to find them , it is definitely a sign of cockroaches. Delay in taking action can cause an infestation and even lead to the closure of your facility by the public health department. Pestco provide professional pest control services in Dubai, UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Signs of a cockroach problem can be identified by physical evidence such as:

  • Cockroach droppings
  • Unusual and distinctive odour — caused by their droppings
  • Smear marks
  • Shed skin
  • Cockroach eggs — called ootheca
  • Damage caused by cockroaches, such as chewed packaging
  • Actual sightings of live or dead cockroaches, or body parts, in kitchens, laundry rooms, drains, roof voids and damp basements

See our main page on signs of a cockroach infestation for more details.


Some species of cockroach prefer warmer, damp areas while others prefer cooler conditions. These are the areas in a building where they are found:

  • Kitchens: cupboards, cabinets, hidden areas under sinks, behind machinery such as dishwashers, hidden spaces in appliances
  • Bathrooms: at the back of cabinets, around the plumbing, in the drainage pipes, and any sheltered/hidden dark places
  • Laundry rooms: in cupboards under sinks, around the plumbing, in hidden spaces in washing machines and dryers
  • Basements: in cracks and gaps in walls and floors, under floor boards, in boxes and piles of paper material
  • Drains: inside drains, entering through damaged covers or pipes, and gaps around pipes
  • Outdoors: beneath decking, in undisturbed areas in outbuildings, in rubbish tips

See our page on signs of cockroach infestation for more details.

There are over 530 known species of cockroach in UAE according to the UAE Faunal Directory, and 90% of those are considered to be endemic to the country. Australia has some of the world’s smallest (adults of Nocticola bolívar are 3mm long) and largest cockroaches (Macropanesthia rhinoceros is 80mm long).

Most cockroach species are completely harmless. A few species, however, have found that human homes and businesses can provide abundant sources of food and have ideal environments for shelter and breeding — not just in UAE, but worldwide. Even the ‘UAE cockroach’ is not native to UAE but is common across the tropics. The most common pest cockroaches are:

  • German cockroach
  • Oriental cockroach
  • UAE cockroach
  • Brown banded cockroach

See our cockroach species page or click on a species above for more information on these species.